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Gabrijel Gavranović = Gavro

Web Design

I'm irreversibly hooked on the web and its technologies. I breathe HTML, CSS & JavaScript; it's my craftsmanship.

I strive to create beautiful and responsive websites that always work and play nicely, irrespective of devices and/or users.

I love HTML5, think CSS3 is awesome, and can get lost in time whilst applying some JS magic. Can't wait till Canvas is mainstream (and loathe the fact that SVG is a forgotten and perhaps abandoned technology).

Web Development

Yes, there is a lot of overlap with web design. One might want to say web programming instead, but that just doesn't cut it: everything is interconnected. A site, an app, whatever the media: there's no good online resource without a good (read: perfect) mix&match of various technologies.

In short: I do front-end & back-end development mostly in PHP, utilizing various frameworks and/or CMSes, whilst combining numerous other technologies and SOAP/REST APIs.

Servers / Systems

Specialized in Linux/BSD server technology and especially applied as an OS for serving online content: Apache, Nginx, MySQL/PostgreSQL, PHP, Python, Tomcat/GlassFish.

Knowledgeable & exprerienced in virtualisation (VMware, Xen, KVM), Microsoft Server (IIS, MSSQL).


In my spare minutes I love to get out there and get busy capturing amazing things on photo.

So... what's amazing? Anything can be beautiful, stunning. Sports, art, dance, nature, people.

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